Enjin becomes the first financially regulated gaming token in Japan

Enjin has obtained the approval of the JVCEA to have its ENJ token recognized in Japan.

The ENJ will be one of only 15 assets listed on Coincheck.

The ENJ can thus be exchanged directly for Japanese yen

Enjin, a games-based blockchain platform whose goal is to “make it easy for anyone to develop, trade, monetize and market with blockchain” announced some very exciting news for its users.

After more than a year and a half of necessary regulatory diligence on Enjin’s part, the Japan Association for Virtual Currency Exchange (JVCEA) has authorized the official use of the platform’s cryptocurrency , the ENJ, across the country.

This is an important step for Enjin, which has thus become the first gaming token to be authorized by this Japanese regulator.

This authorization opens new doors for Enjin

The ENJ will also be the first gaming token available on the Coincheck exchange, another entity fully regulated by the Japanese government.

This listing, scheduled for January 26, will make ENJ the first gaming token authorized for legal sale and use in Japan.

The ENJ will be one of the 15 other assets listed on Coincheck. It will allow Japanese citizens to purchase the cryptocurrency using a Japanese Yen (JPY) exchange pair.

After 1.5 years of due diligence, we are thrilled to announce Enjin Coin $ENJ has been approved by the JVCEA and will be listed on @coincheckjp, making it the 1st gaming token authorized for use in Japan.