Ethereum and Uniswap: Will 1 billion in ETH soon flow into the DeFi market?

Ethereum (ETH) mining will soon no longer be necessary: ​​The Ethereum blockchain is changing from PoW to PoS and no longer needs miners to verify the blocks. The picture shows an Ethereum coin on a circuit board.

Ethereum and Uniswap: Uniswap’s first yield farming option will end on November 17th, 2020. In September of this year, Uniswap surprisingly published a governance token and thus created the possibility of obtaining UNI via yield farming by providing the platform with liquidity.

With this foundation stone, Bitcoin Machine made it to one of the most coveted yield farming projects and secured billions of US dollars within a few weeks.

November 17, 2020: Yield Farming Chance ends

This first yield farming phase will end on November 17th and the billions deposited will flow back into the market.

Analysts, whose opinions we are about to look at, are already speculating about the consequences. What will happen to this liquidity?

Does the money flow into ETH, in altcoins, does it stay in the DeFi market or is it secured in stablecoins?

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Ethereum and Uniswap: looking for high returns

Let’s take a look at the opinion of former JPMorgan banker and DeFiance Capital analyst Darrly Wang.

Wang shared his opinion on the subject on Twitter:

In the opinion of DeFi expert and analyst Wang, a large amount of the deposited ETH will leave the Uniswap system in order to look for higher returns.

His assumption is that this scenario will apply to around 50% of the total liquidity. This would correspond to around USD 500 million in ETH and another USD 500 million in stablecoins and WBTC.

The scenarios for Ethereum are particularly interesting. Wang said that part of it could flow onto SushiSwap. However, he does not want to rule out that a significant amount of ETH will flow towards Ethereum 2.0 . As we reported last Friday, just 11% of the minimum amount is deposited with ETH for the launch of the Beacon Chain.

In his opinion, there will also be a sale of ETH. Wang justifies this with the fact that there was increased demand for the native Ethereum Coin when Uniswap announced Yield Farming.

Commercial farmers bought quantities of ETH to generate profits in UNI. And once that ends, it’s likely that many will sell some of their ETH.